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3 persons lost their lives in the todays Athens Riots

1 minute silence in the parliament

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People dont crouch your head the only solution is resistance

Εμπρός λαέ μη σκύβεις το κεφάλι η μόνη λύση είναι αντίσταση μεγάλη Video from the Underground station at Syntagma Square

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Which brand of yoghurt do you prefer ?? Τι μάρκα γιαούρτι προτιμάς ?

This is the email that is massively sent in the offices of the Greek politicians. They say that they will not have the possibility to choose whatever brand they like . They will probably have to resign with an unpredictable way Τι μάρκα γιαούρτι προτιμάς ? «Τι μάρκα γιαούρτι προτιμάς;» Πρόκειται για μήνυμα σε e-mail […]

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